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Coffee or tea + 1 orange jus + 1 croissant.
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate + 1 orange jus, ½ baguette, butter, jam, honey, cheese, ham, yogurt, cereals, fruits, boiled eggs.
2 sausages, 1 bag of chips, ½ baguette, sauce
3 pieces of meat: chopped steak, chicken filet, sausage + salad bar: coleslaw, grated carrots, tabbouleh + ½ baguette, sauce.
1 tartiflette “unlimited” served with a green salad, salad bar: coleslaw, grated carrots, tabbouleh, ¼ bottle of wine.
6 days of Yeti Breakfast + 6 days of Yeti Dinners.
Beer barrel 30cl
1 beer of 25cl /per day, the Sunday till Friday, 4pm,-5pm.
Hot Wine 10cl
Jager Bomb 8cl
Yétishot 70cl
1 beer or soda of 25cl or a Yetishot of 3cl, the day of arrival, 9pm-11pm.
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